Cayman Restaurants STILL OPEN!

June 01, 2020

This is a list of Cayman Restaurants still open for Take Out and/or Delivery. Let’s help keep them in business!

Name Phone Hours Menu Link Take Out Delivery
East End/North Side
Blue Rock 945-7625 11a-8p Yes Yes
Captain Herman’s Restaurant 924-4007 11a-6p Yes Yes
Italian Kitchen 949-8210/WhatsApp 938-2829 5p-9p T-Su Yes Yes
Island Bites 938-2483 9a-7p T-Su Yes Yes
Kaibo 947-9975 7a-7p Yes Yes
Chick’N Go 926-1950 11a-8:30p Yes Yes
Tukka 947-2700 11a-8p Yes Yes
George Town/7 Mile/Pat. Isl
Agua 949-2482 11:30a-9p Yes Yes
Al La Kebab/Marquee Plza 943-4343 11a-11p Yes Yes
Al La Kebab/Red Bay 11a-11p Yes Yes
Arbutus Galley 943-1100/943-1300 7a-6p Yes Yes
Bacaro 749-4800 12p-8p (orders start at 10am) Yes Yes
Blue Cilantro 945-4372 11a-8p Yes Yes
Blue Marlin 947-4752 10a-7p Yes Yes
Brasserie @ the Market 945-1814 11a-7p M-F Yes Yes
Bread & Chocolate Vegan Bistro 945-3586/946-6239 8a-3p & 5:30p-8p M-F/8a-2p Sa-Su Yes No
Browns Esso – Industrial Park 949-2105 5:30-8p Yes Yes
Brussels Sprouts 769-4027 7a-3p M-F Yes No
Burger King Seven Mile Beach – 949-7784 6:30a-Mid Yes No
Burger King George Town Waterfront – 949-6377 6:30a-Mid Yes No
Burger King Walkers Road – 945-5304 6:30a-Mid Yes Yes
Burger Shack 949-2867 11am – Midnight Yes No
Carnivore 640-6328 11:30-7p T-Sat./12-5 Su Yes Yes
Café Amazon 769-1332 10a-2p M-F Yes Yes
Casa 43 949-4343 12n-8p M-Sat. (pick up till 6p) Yes Yes
Casanova 949-7633 12n-8p M-Sat. (pick up till 6p) Yes Yes
Cayman Creperie 949-3456 10a-10p Yes Yes
Chef Lloyds BBQ Smokehouse 640-2433 12N-9p (7p for pickup) Yes Yes
Chick’N Go 926-1950 11a-8:30p Yes Yes
Chicken! Chicken! – 7 Mile 945-2290 10a-10p Yes Yes
Cimboco – 7 Mile 947-2782 7:30a-9p Yes Yes
Coccoloba 746-4111 12p-7p Yes Yes
Coconut Joes 943-5637 10:30a-6p Yes Yes
Di Kit-Chin Jerk & Restaurant 929-8571 11a-7p Yes No
Eats/Legendz 943-3287 7a-9p Yes Yes
Edoardo’s 945-4408 5pm to 1030pm Yes Yes
Fidel Murphys 769-4003 11a-9p  Yes Yes
Full of Beans 943-2326 8a-2p M-F Yes Yes
Gateway of India 946-2815 4:30p-9:30p T-Su Yes Yes
George Town Yacht Club 947-4892 11a-8p Yes Yes
Ginos 623-7777 11 – 10PM Yes Yes
Good Mood Food 926-5488 11a-11p Yes Yes
Good Old Days Restaurant 321-7598 7a-8p M-TH/7a-10p F-Sa Yes Yes
Green Machine Smoothie Café 939-6369 9a-4p Yes Yes
Green2Go 516-3286 7a-10a M-Sa Yes Yes
Haagen-Dazs 946-8061 10a-6p Yes Yes
Icoa 945-1915 7a-7p  Yes Yes
Island Naturals Café 945-2252 8a-6p M-Sa/8a-5p Su Yes Yes
Island Taste 949-1480 7a-3p M-Sat/10a-3p Su Yes Yes
Jessies Juice Bar 949-2012 8a-2p M-F/9a-2p Ssu Yes No
Juiced @ The Wicket 927-6419 7a-3p M-F Yes No
KFC – Baytown Plaza 949-2834 11a-11p Su-Th/11a-1a Fr-Sa Yes No
KFC – Downtown 949-8645 9:30a-9p Su-Th/9:30a-11p Fr-Sa Yes No
KFC – Strand 945-9065 10a-9p Su-Th/10a-10p Fr-Sa Yes Yes
La Vele Restaurant 745-8353 12n-6p     Yes Yes
Latin Taste 949-2267 9a-5p Yes Yes
Lauren’s Restaurant 946-7745 8a-2:30 M-F/6p-9p F-Sa Yes Yes
Levonna’s Kitchen 929-1995 11a-4p Yes Yes
Lucky Slice Pizza 949-3456 10a-10p Yes Yes
MacDonalds Restaurant 949-4640 9a-7:30p/Delivery 11a-5p Yes Yes
Majestik Mealz 917-1905/WhatsApp 917-1905 6a-7p (delivery 11-12:30) No yes
Mango Tree 946-8800/929-3722 11a-10p/11a-6p Delivery Yes No
Mike’s on the Run 946-3990 5:30-8p Yes 3rd
Mojo Gastro Pub 949-3456 10a-10p Yes 3rd
Papa Johns – 7 Mile 943-7272 11a-11p Yes Yes
Papa Johns – Grand Harbour 943-7171 11a-11p Yes Yes
Paradise Coffee online order/ W&F Delivery    No Yes
PD’s – Pirates Den 949-7144 11a-6p Yes Yes
Peachwave Frozen Yogurt 916-6635 12p-7p Yes Yes
Peppers Bar and Grill 943-3000 11a – 9:30p Yes Yes
Petit Paris Café 328-4000 10a-4p M-Sa Yes Yes
Pizza Hut  – 7 Mile 949-0404 11a-10p Sun-Th/ 11a-11p Fr-Sa Yes No
Popeyes 769-8000 10a-11p Sun-Th/10a-1a Fr-Sa Yes No
Quiznos 949-0000 11a-9p Yes No
Rackams 945-3860 11a-12a Sat-Th/11a-1a F Yes Yes
Ragazzi 945-3484 4p-9p Yes Yes
Salty’s Sports Bar 333-1944 12p-9p Yes Yes
Sam’s Quality Jerk & More 943-7756/WhatsApp 923-1918 6:30a-8p M-F/6:30a-12m Sa Yes Yes
Saucha 926-0508 10:30-2p M-Th -Delivery/Pre-Order No Yes
Sea Inn Bar/Restaurant 928-9044/547-2191 11a-4p M-F No No
Seven Mile Burger 525-6453 11a-9p Yes Yes
Silverside 749-3434 11a – 9p Yes Yes
Singh’s Roti Shop Call 946-7684/WhatApp 926-6337 8a-6p M-F/ 8a-5p Sa Yes Yes
Smoothie Factory 749-7575 7a-7p M-Sat/8a – 4p Su Yes Yes
Smoothie King 943-3400 7a-7p M-Sat. Yes yes
Sol Y Luna Restaurant 949-4257/WhatsApp 929-5428 11:30a-9:30p M-F/12n-9:30p Sa/Su Yes Yes
Southern Spice 938-5550 11:30a-2:30p & 5p-10p Yes Yes
Spanglish Bar & Grill 949-1507 11a-9p T-Su Yes Yes
Steak Social 333-2333 5p-8:30p Yes Yes
Subway Anderson Square – 945-3568 7a-6p M-Su Yes Yes
Subway Indust. Park – 945-7373 7a-6p M-Su Yes Yes
Subway West Shore Centre – 949-6866 7a-6p M-Su Yes Yes
Super C 946-5059 10a – 11p Yes Yes
Thai House Restaurant 949-6141 10a-9p Yes No
Thai Orchid 949-7955 11:30-6p Yes No
The Caboose 945-1816 11a-6p M-F Yes Yes
The Kitchen at Fidels 769-4003 11a-9p Yes No
The Market 947-7080 7a-4p M-F Yes Yes
The Paladar Cuban Restaurant 947-0909 11a-8p M-Sa/11a-5p Su Yes Yes
Tillies 949-3491 11a-9:30p Yes Yes
Top Taste 929-9299/517-9563/WhatsApp 517-6007 7a-7:30p Yes Yes
Treats 945-4262/925-0975/749-3100/926-1392 7a-3p  Yes Yes
Welly’s Cool Spot 949-2541 11a-8p Yes Yes
Wendys – 7 Mile 949-0616 7a-7p Yes Yes
Wok N Roll 949-0168 11a-11p Yes Yes
XQ’s Restaurant 947-9770 3p-9p Yes No
Yoshi Sushi 943-9674 11:30a-9p Yes No
South Coast Area
Browns Esso – Red Bay 947-0610 5:30-8p Yes No
Burger King Red Bay – 945-5304 6:30a-Mid Yes No
Chicken! Chicken! – Savannah 623-2290 10a-10p Yes Yes
Chill Spot 322-8184 8a-6p Yes Yes
Cimboco – Savannah 623-2782 7:30a-9p Yes Yes
Czech Inn Grill 923-1986/924-2030 11a-9:30p T-Su Yes No
Everglo Restaurant 947-2580 8a-11p Yes Yes
Grape Tree Café 324-5860 11a-9p F-Sat/11a-8:30p Su Yes No
Lighthouse 947-2047 5:30 to 7:30 PM No Yes
Pizza Hut  – Countryside 947-7333 11a-10p Sun-Th/ 11a-11p Fr-Sa Yes Yes
South Coast Bar & Restaurant 947-2517 10a – 10p Yes Yes
Subway Countryside – 943-7878 7a-6p M-Su Yes Yes
Wendys – Savannah 947-7444/947-7441 7a-8:30p Yes Yes
West Bay
Subway Centennial Towers – 943-7827 7a-6p M-Su Yes Yes
Macabuca 945-5217 11a-8p Yes Yes
Ristorante Pappagallo 949-1119 12p-7p/ Delivery till 8:30p Yes Yes
West Bay Diner 946-8000 7:30-10p/Deliv. 9a-3p & 6p-9:30p Yes Yes
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