Slumber Party Weekend

September 25, 2020

The DMS BROADCASTING Slumber Party is back! And this year, we’re making it an entire weekend!

Because of Covid, we want you to host your own fun get-together at home, go to a restaurant, or arrange a staycation..

Call the girls or just grab your bestie …….no party is too small!

Get your PJs on…….Go out or stay in, watch movies, do your hair & nails, order food and drinks, sing Karaoke, or just have a dance party!

We want hundreds of Slumber Parties taking place across the island, all raising money for The Breast Cancer Foundation! Afterwards, post a picture of your slumber party on the (station) Facebook page for a chance to win prizes .

We’re even going to help you plan your slumber party, just listen to (station) over the next few weeks for lots of chances to win and bid on exciting prizes for your party..

Including beauty treatments, karaoke, pizza, drinks, live sessions with Astrologer Dawn and psychic media Mary D’Alba  ……..even  staycaytions!

Click on the link to make your donation to The Breast Cancer Foundation, it’s live right now!



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